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Against All Odds No Retakes, No Manuals, Real Life Lessons - Book by Sujata Tiwari

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In this real and raw autobiography, Sujata Tiwari shares her life experiences and how she overcomes a life fraught with challenges. Showing tenacity and true grit as she navigates gender discrimination, culture biases, exploitation, rape and all kinds of sexual abuse, this book is real life in its truest form. With no chance for retakes, learn genuine life lessons with Sujata in her first tell-all. Sujata has accumulated a wealth of experiences during her life leading to insights & knowledge that cannot be coached or taught in a class. She has been a mother, wife, journalist, consultant, activist, leader, and businesswoman domestically and internationally. In sharing her story, Sujata strives to provide readers of all backgrounds in any part of the world with real life examples on how to deal with the unpredictable nature of everyday life.